Our mandate is championing the rights of women/girls domestic workers

Who we are

Dhobi Women Network (DWN) is a Women Rights and Non-Profit Organization registered in Kenya. We have been championing the rights of women domestic workers (permanent, casual and migrant)popularly referred to as since 2010 through:

1). Advocacy initiatives

2). Legal and rights awareness.

3). Physical, emotionaland psychological abuse by their employers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see a "Society where Women Domestic Workers enjoy all their rights and apply their agency

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform where women domestic/casual workers consolidate their position to improve their condition and realize their full potential.

Meaning of Dhobi Women

These are women domestic workers (permanent, migrant workers) and casuals. They live in the informal settlements and have to wake up very early in the morning in search of casual work in the rich neighborhoods where they have to wait to be picked by any employer to do household chores such as cleaning, baby sitting or cooking, just to name but a few. In search for work, they experiencechallenges such as; 1. Non-payment of wages upon completion of their assigned chores. 2. Over working due to their lack negotiation skills or written contracts which stipulates the kind of work expected of them. 3. Physical, emotionaland psychological abuse by their employers. 5. Sexual harassment at workplace and so many other in human degrading treatment such as washing deadbodies.

Loose Network to Community-Based Organization and now a Non Governmental organization

Dhobi Women Network (DWN started off as a loose network in 2010 due to numerous challenges they were facing in the hands of employers and duty beareres so as to champion women domestic workers rights. The network was officially registered as a Community-Based Organization in 2013 in Kilimani area. Through partnership and support from Kituo cha Sheria legal aid department DWN and volunteer advocates trained 3000 women domestic workers in Nairobi County. In 2016,DWN and Kituo secured a grant from French Embassy Kenya and set up an office at Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church that has been hosting the organizationup to date.


Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

In 2018, DWN progressed from a CBO and was registered as Non-Governmental Organization with the intention of reaching out to women domestic workers in other parts of the country. This saw DWN scale up its scope in counties of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Muranga and Kisumu.

Why Dhobi Women Network

Women domestic workers lack the awareness, capacity, and finances to access justice, legal support and professional counselors; therefore, they do not report cases of abuse or violation of their rights at the workplace, and they only share with their friends.


It is in this regard that DWN took the bold initiative to champion for their rights and create awareness on Labour Rights and GBV; mental health and skills development in collaboration with other partners/duty bearers such as chief’s, police, French Embassy Kenya, Kituo Cha Sheria, Transparency International, CRAWN Trust(National Women Steering Committee), Kenya, Women Empowerment Link, Tandaza Trust, Kenya Human Rights Commission, employers through residents associations, and KUDHEIHA.

In 5 Years, Dhobi Women envisions to empower and have a strong National women domestic workers movement /network that to be able to advocatefor their rights.

The funding under Women Rights Fund Project by Oxfam was aimed to complement/scale-up Women Domestic Workers Rights and Advocacy in Mombasa County on Labour Rights and Gender Based Violence awareness/sensitization activities where there werenumerous reported/unreported cases of violations of women/girls’domestic workers rights.