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1.   Background 


The Dhobi Women Network (DWN) is a non-profit organization established in 2010 as a loose network and formally registered in 2013 as a community-based organization. In 2018 it transitioned into an NGO with the goal being to transform society through empowering casual, permanent and migrant women domestic workers and expanding frontiers for women domestic workers’ rights and freedoms.  


DWN seeks to develop a five (5) year strategic plan 2023 – 2027 that will define and steer its mission, vision, and goals. This will build on the delivery of the 2018 – 2022 strategy which enabled DWN to raise its profile and niche to that of an authoritative voice on women’s domestic workers governance issues, achieving significant success.  


The scope and focus of the assignment is to provide technical, strategic, and facilitation support to enable the development of DWN’s new strategic plan in line with the rapidly transforming socio-political environment, labour and gender landscape.


2.  Purpose and Objectives of the Assignment 


DWN is seeking a professional consultant who will work closely with the DWN’s Board of Directors and the Executive Director to lead the technical process and development of the new strategic plan for the five (5) year period (2023 – 2028). 


Specific Objectives: 


a)    Define the scope of Strategic Plan Development (SPD) process by describing the key steps and milestone in consultation with DWN’s Board and management. 


b)    Review and analyze DWN’s existing strategic plan for the period 2018-2022 and other key documents with a focus to understanding “Where DWN is?” The consultant will be required to carry out complementary analysis of other external documents to enable a better understanding of relevant aspects of the current policy, social and economic landscape in Kenya.


c)     Define DWN’s value proposition, its strategic priorities and activities to achieve these priorities.


d)    Undertake strategic consultative forums with DWN’s Board of Directors,  management,  members, and other stakeholders to synthesize DWN’s key learnings and identify strategic opportunities in the current environment with a focus on understanding “Where do we want to be? How will we get there”?


e)    Develop an effective internal evaluation mechanism to enable a review of DWN’s internal systems, processes and procedures, and how these could be strengthened over the next strategic plan period so that DWN can be more effective in achieving its strategic goals. 


f)     Draft the Strategic Plan 2023- 2028 and present it to the Board of Directors,  members, and other stakeholders for validation and approval upon finalization.


3.  Proposed Methodology: 


The consultant will be required to propose a methodology that will result in the deliverables outlined in these terms of reference. A participatory approach together with a critical reflection by the Board, management, members, staff, and other stakeholders will make the process meaningful. 


The following steps are highly recommended for the process. 


i. Development of proposed strategic planning scope and key milestones in preparation for consultations with DWN management. This will be refined after the inception meeting.

 ii. Inception meeting with DWN leadership to review the Strategic plan following which the consultant will prepare an inception report detailing the key steps, specific deliverables and timelines agreed upon for the SPD process. 


iii.           Review and analysis of existing documents, including but not limited to DWN’s current Strategic Plan and key project documents, including those of sector/partner/donor as appropriate to the Strategic Planning process. The aim is to identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the same as well as key opportunities and gaps, national and global priorities, and what works. 


iv.           Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis: this will be required to be a consultative process hence the application of an appropriate tool of analysis. The consultant will conduct consultations/FGDs with the Board of Directors, staff and key stakeholders to identify key strategic areas, critical issues, opportunities and gaps to be addressed in the Strategic Plan.


v.            Develop and administer a questionnaire to DWN members to include a participatory approach to the development of the Strategic plan.


vi.           Develop Draft one of Strategic Plan guided by the following questions: 

a)       What is the purpose of DWN as an organization? 

b)      Where does DWN want to go in 2023-2028? 

c)       What does DWN want to achieve during this period? 

d)      Who does DWN need to collaborate and partner with to achieve its vision and goals? 

e)      What resources and systems will DWN require to get there?

f)        How will DWN work to deliver its targets? 

g)       How will DWN get there? 

h)      Which risks might DWN encounter and how will they be mitigated? 

i)        How will DWN know when it gets there? 

j)        What is the social, economic, political, etc., context in which DWN is working? 


vi.   Review and validation of the draft Strategic Plan. 

vii.  The DWN Board members will formally approve the final document once satisfied and adopt it in a Board meeting.


4.  Roles and Responsibilities 


                 i.      DWN


a)    The Board of Directors will provide guidance to the Executive Director on the development of the Strategic Plan, and will participate in the consultations, review and analysis sessions. 


b)    The Executive Director will lead the process, to guide and supervise the SPD process including selecting, contracting and managing the Consultant; managing the costs of the SPD process, overseeing the logistical plans for meetings, engaging with the Consultant during the entire process, identifying stakeholders and linking them to the consultant, within the time agreed. 


c)     DWN staff will be required to provide assistance to the consultant through, among others, sharing relevant program documents and other information needed for the SDP process, linking stakeholders with the consultant and handling logistical arrangements. 


                ii.      The Consultant 

a)    The Consultant will be responsible for preparation of an inception report and a work plan with clear timelines, undertaking consultations with DWN Board members, management, beneficiaries and other stakeholders, assessing and analyzing data to identify gaps and critical issues, and actively engaging with beneficiaries, staff, Board members and other stakeholders through the use of participatory processes and providing regular progress reports to the Executive Director.


b)    Preparing a first draft of the Strategic Plan and presenting it for review to DWN Board members, beneficiaries and staff, modifying the draft based on feedback received and preparing the final strategic plan document. 


5.  Duration of Assignment 


The duration of the assignment is thirty (30) working days spread over a three-month period slated to run from September 30th  to November 30th 2022. 


6.  Key deliverables: 


i.           A comprehensive inception report outlining the steps and methodology to be used in developing the Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028. 

ii.          Agenda and participants list for the consultative forums. 

iii.         Conduct FGD/interviews with key beneficiaries/stakeholders to identify key strategic and program priorities 

iv.        A comprehensive report of document review and analysis. 

v.          Draft Strategic Plan for review and feedback (with clear vision, mission, TOC, strategic objective) 

vi.        Final Strategic Plan document that includes: Executive summary, background (including strategic plan development process), internal and external context analysis, vision and mission statement, organizational values and guiding principles, strategic priorities, key strategic milestones, metrics to assess progress in the attainment of these strategic priorities, budget, Operational plan and M&E Plan. 


7.  Qualifications for the Consultant


a)    A holder of a Post-Graduate degree (PhD or Masters) in organizational development, social sciences, business management, strategic planning, or other related fields. 

b)    At least 10 years of relevant experience in NGO sector (Strategic Plan development and organizational development). 

c)     Experience in working with women’s rights and human rights organizations. 

d)    Knowledge and understanding of the women’s rights movement, labour issues as well as the gender approach to programming

e)    Experience with participatory approaches in conducting assessments and facilitating strategic planning processes.


8. Application process 


Send an electronic application responding to the Terms of Reference that includes a CV, a proposed methodology (maximum 4 pages), an activity time schedule and a financial proposal/ budget to   and      cc with the subject line “Development of the DWN Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028


Applications should be duly submitted by 20th September 2022.  




Dhobi Women Network (DWN) is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to transform society through empowering casual, permanent and migrant women domestic workers and expanding frontiers for domestic women’s rights and freedoms.

DWN works towards to enabling the access to decent, safe and reliable work for women domestic workers, using research evidence to advocate for an enabling policy and legal environment for women domestic workers to undertake their trade freely and safely, enhancing and upholding of labor rights through civic education, advocacy and labor rights awareness.

DWN is also keen to support and provide women domestic workers with legal aid, mental health education and awareness as well as psycho-socio support.



DWN seeks to recruit qualified, energetic, dynamic, result oriented and capable individuals to fill the position of programs Officer at the Head Office in Nairobi Kenya.

Reporting to the Executive Director, s/he is responsible for implementing DWN projects and developing improved system and procedures as well as monitoring and evaluating programme activities and individual performance against set target.  

Key Duties and Responsibilities 


 1. To manage and deliver DWN projects and ensure the timely implementation, accountability, oversight, monitoring and reporting of all project activities as envisaged in the project documents.

 2. To manage and monitor the project budget ensuring project finances are spent accountably and prudently. 

3. Plan, manage and participate in regular field visits to monitor project implementation (where necessary). 

4. Ensure all activities are managed in compliance with terms and conditions of donor contracts, including work planning, forecasting and reporting as well as ensuring all administrative procedures are maintained to a high standard. 

5. Support in the design of DWN projects in accordance with the institutional mission, vision and goals. This includes the design of new and continuous improvement of existing DWN programs while ensuring that all programs maintain strategic focus and alignment including maintaining a women-centred approach to all program design and implementation.

 6. Analyze program risks and troubleshoot with recommendations to the Executive Director on an ongoing basis. 

7. Help the Executive Director in proposal writing and fundraising.

Programme monitoring and evaluation 

1. To deliver good quality project reports ensuring that the reports respond to the project outcomes and indicators and are in line with the organizational and institutional funding as well as policy requirements. 

2. To develop, manage and monitor in consultation with the Executive Director, both short-term and long-term goals including tracking of programmatic outcomes and impact.

 3. Develop an evaluation method to assess program strengths and identify areas for improvement.

 4. Support in reviewing partner reports and harvesting results as per the output indicators and programme targets.  


Academic Requirements


Post-graduate university degree in social sciences.

Higher Diploma in Community Development/Project Management.



2 years working in the Human Rights organizations. 


How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the requirements should send their applications including: Cover Letter, Detailed CV, three referees one of which must be current or most recent employer, email and day telephone contact. Address the application to:




P.O. BOX 53572-00200 NAIROBI KENYA




The application must reach us on or before 22nd August 2022. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.